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Hi, I’m Lee Sheldon and this is my Office Manager, Danyel Salmela. Together, we founded the Institute for Dental Specialists because we are dedicated to elevating the practice of dentistry through sound business principles as well as comprehensive treatment planning for the specialist who wishes to achieve the best for his/her patients.

Become the ‘top rung’ specialist

It wasn’t that long ago … Periodontists and other dental specialists like you and me would build a thriving practice just on the power of our professional reputations and the referrals it generated.

You’d open an office. You’d build relationships with other dentists. You’d serve the patients well …

And as your reputation grew, the referrals would come in. Your practice would grow and thrive.

In turn, that allowed you to focus your energy on providing the best possible care for your patients. They would recover and thrive, too. It’s why we became dental specialists.

Then one day that began to change …

General dentists began to offer periodontal services. You’d get a call in difficult cases, often when “it’s too late” or nearly too late.

Meanwhile, group practices became more common … and these groups would hire their own periodontist and other specialists to work 1-2 days a week. Keeping things in house became more common.

Periodontists and other specialists who built their practice on referrals found their practices growing slower and that referrals were harder to come by … and when the referrals did come, they were often “late in the game.”

Other times, frankly, specialists had to stand by and watch their good professional work get undone by lower-quality dentists.

There had to be another way to treat patients effectively (before it’s too late) and grow a specialist practice in the new business environment ….

And that is why my office manager and I founded the Institute for Dental Specialists in 2014.

I am a practitioner–I run my own specialist practice and absolutely love it and my patients.

That’s what sets IDS apart from other continuing education courses and from organizations that teach one-size-fits-all business skills. I am on the front lines and I have faced all the challenges we all face, one by one, and learned a way through the external forces that besiege our specialty … ones we all know about.

And now for a limited time, I am offering specialists like you a special, 30-day free trial membership. Register now for a Free 30-Day Trial Membership with IDS and learn how to:

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Become the “go-to” specialist in your area using the IDS educational and training library

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Get your staff to take more responsibility for the success of your practice by giving them access to a complete learning library set up as a lesson plan to coach them through each critical aspect of your practice.

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Stay current with the latest updates through 2 webinars and podcasts per month (24 per year) by Dr. Lee Sheldon and/or Danyel Salmela

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Ensure you are implementing the system correctly with unlimited email support

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Start each week with simple, practical, and motivating specialist-practice suggestions and recommendations with our IDS Morning Minute (arrives via email)
  • Don’t keep struggling with a referral business model that’s under siege and is not delivering the results you want.
  • Don’t stay afraid for the future of your practice–or cater to the whims of insurance companies that do not always have the best interests of your patients at heart.
  • And don’t allow staff to take less responsibility for your practice than you know they can …
  • Keep the referral sources that you love to work with and strengthen their practices while they strengthen yours.

Here's What Some Of Our Clients Have to Say!


Dr. Vinamra Bhasin

‘We’ve had other consultants before, and you guys (Danyel and Dr. Sheldon) made a lot of difference, a lot more difference than the consultants we have had in the past. I think that the biggest advantage is that you are in clinical practice. You’ve improved our systems and everything else. Thank you.’

Patricia Edelstein

In an industry where excellence is paramount, Danyel, truly stands out as the best in the business. The expertise and guidance she has given to us have been invaluable to our dental practice. From streamlining our operations to implementing cutting-edge technology, Danyel, has not only improved our efficiency but also elevated the quality of care we provide to our patients. What truly sets Danyel apart is her unwavering commitment to our success. She takes the time to understand our unique challenges and tailor solutions that work seamlessly specifically for us.

Dr. Ajay Setya

Our office has been working with Danyel for several years. After working with a few other consultants, we finally found the best! With Danyel and Dr Sheldon's help, our office has grown tremendously, and profitability has improved a ton too. We now run very smoothly thanks to checksheets, systems for every process, and accountability for each position, thus reducing the owner's stress significantly! The staff loves working with Danyel, and look forward to her weekly calls, and her live visits to the office. The doctors love the treatment planning sessions with Dr Sheldon. We could not be more pleased. Thanks Dr Sheldon and Danyel!

Dr. Martinez

"The transformation was palpable. Our operations are fluid, my staff is motivated, and my patients notice the difference. IDS Coaching was the game-changer we needed."

–Dr. Kendal Major

“Joining the IDS is the best investment I have ever done for my team, my practice and myself. Learning your strategies and systems have significantly improved the efficiency and dynamics of my practice.”
Thank you, Lee and Danyel.

–Dr. Ruben Ovadia

“Joining the IDS is the best investment I have ever done for my team, my practice and myself. Learning your strategies and systems have significantly improved the efficiency and dynamics of my practice.”
Thank you, Lee and Danyel.

–Dr. Ruben Ovadia

Join us for 30 Days on a Free Trial Membership, and become the ‘go-to’ specialist in your area with a thriving and growing practice.

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