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The Institute for Dental Specialists was founded on June 1, 2014 by Dr. Lee Sheldon and his office manager, Danyel Salmela. The IDS is dedicated to elevating the practice of dentistry through sound business principles as well as comprehensive treatment planning for the specialist who wishes to achieve the best for his/her patients. Staff responsibility and involvement is critical to the success of Dr. Sheldon’s practice. Therefore, the emphasis is on leadership and responsibility for the entire team. In an era where ethics are compromised in many areas of business, the IDS puts ethics as the priority in its teachings. While the programs were initially designed for the periodontal practice, Dr. Sheldon has a group practice with restorative dentistry as a primary component. Therefore, every lecture, every program is applicable to any specialist who wants to reach for the “top rung” in his or her practice and emulates the programs that Dr. Sheldon and Danyel have successfully incorporated into their practice.

There are many programs out there that reach to every kind of dental practice. We are not that kind of program. Our program is there to make you the “go to” specialist in your area. That means that your desire is to take a practice that may be victimized by the external forces that we all know about and become a practice that is fully in control of the dental environment, seeking and finding those patients who desire the best treatment without influence from those outside forces.

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Danyel Salmela & Dr. Lee Sheldon
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