Creating the Directors of Dentistry

Coaching Package

Membership in the IDS provides the doctor and staff with a complete self-study program. But there are those who want a one on one approach. The answer to that is one of our custom designed coaching programs.

The first part of any coaching program is to find out what you need help with. Then a program is designed to help you in that particular area. The IDS provides full coaching as well as limited coaching depending upon your needs and goals.


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Below are examples of the coaching programs that the IDS has provided to offices.

  • Eight Weeks to Soaring Stats: Are you off track? Trying to figure out how to grow and grow fast? The Eight Weeks to Soaring Stats program is designed for you.
  • The Full IDS Coaching Package: Take every aspect of your practice from business to case acceptance, to increasing staff productivity, training an office manager, improving treatment planning presentation skills, getting 5 star Google reviews, and a two-day intensive program at the IDS training center, and much, much more.
  • The Two-Day Visit to Your Office: What happens when Danyel visits your office? MAGIC!!!
  • A Day at Solid Bite: See the office where it all happens. Talk to our staff. See IDS principles in action.
  • The Phone Training Program: Do you have a focused problem? Phone training with Danyel will get you through it. This is perfect for the office with a limited budget.

The Eight Weeks to Soaring Stats program is one of the IDS’s most popular programs. Practices accelerate immediately, staff becomes a team and unified in the direction of great patient care and practice growth.

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WEEKS 1 – 3

Answering the New Patient Call

It starts out with Danyel (secret shopper) making secret calls to your front desk staff which she will record, with your permission. She will then have a management conference call with you to reveal her findings. Your staff will then train on Video Lesson #1. Danyel will secretly listen to calls again for another week, and again meet with the team to review errors found and train on improvements. She will do this for three weeks and transform your staff from “listeners” to schedulers as well as your best promoters. Includes: Four staff- training video examples with Danyel and Lee’s commentary, secret call recordings, three conference calls with your team and Danyel, transcripts, check lists, and a certificate when earned as an IDS- Certified Phone Scheduler.


The Doctor Phone Call

We will then move to the Doctor Phone Call. Video Lesson #2 shows the doctor phone call to the new patient in action, and how motivating that phone call can be. Lee will work with the doctors on a conference call to train how to successfully make a call to your scheduled new patients, gather data, do screening, plan the new patient visit and get that new patient excited about coming in to meet you–a true differentiator! This strategy saves valuable chair time.


The New Patient PACKET

You will receive our impressive new patient packet to duplicate into your practice. This will include our custom folder, paperwork, video and designed material that will convince your patients before even arriving that you are the doctor they should be investing in. You will receive a checklist of action items as well as our suggested vendors for this incredible packet.


The New Patient ARRIVAL

What do we do to make sure that the new patient sees us as a unique office, an opportunity that he or she has never experienced before? What does each staff member say? How is the “handoff” done completely? What should and shouldn’t your staff members say? Video Lesson #3 demonstrates what to do when the new patient arrives, what each staff member sequencelly does, how communication hand-offs can be completely done, and how each step builds the patient’s confidence in you before you even arrive in the operatory. This includes conference calls with Danyel to ensure that your sequences are in place, flows and your staff transmits a new level of confidence to your patients.


The Doctor Consultation

The Doctor Consultation is the culmination of the carefully orchestrated steps 1-4. The patient is now so thoroughly impressed that he or she is eagerly anticipating your examination. How do you communicate to the patient in a way that makes so much sense that the logical conclusion is to accept ideal treatment? How do you communicate alternatives that makes ideal treatment seem to be the logical choice? A conference call between Danyel and your staff starts the process to learn how they can successfully obtain all needed information from you so that they can present options to your patients and increase the chances of ideal treatment acceptance. You and Lee will work on one of your treatment plans together to learn a routine and establish a method of allowing the patient to participate in the in the discovery and treatment acceptance process. You will then apply this newly learned technique to your next treatment plan and review your results with Danyel to perfect what you have learned.


The Financial Appointment, Gaining Acceptance.

How do you get patients to accept “large cases?”How do you nurture the patient through the steps to make a major financial investment in him or herself? How do you deal with the inevitable challenges, denials, and excuses that patients might have? In this last yet most important step, Video Lesson #5, along with a conference call between Danyel and your financial staff, we will transmit successful techniques that can dramatically increase not only the rate of acceptance but the value of the ideal treatment plan.

Most of our coaching clients do so well on 8 Weeks to Soaring Stats that they choose to do full coaching. Full coaching last one year.
Here are some defined programs that are included in the full coaching program:


  • “What Separates YOU”: How does a potential patient differentiate you from the rest? How do you communicate the difference between you and the dentist who took a weekend course in dental implants? How do you give that patient who wants a second opinion a reason to come back to you? It can all be accomplished with your own custom “What Separates You” document. We will help you create your own beautifully-crafted, customized check list of what you offer compared to others that elevates and separates you, your staff and your practice from every other dentist. You will use this professionally-designed “What Separates YOU” in your new patient packet, during case presentations and when following up with the patient who wants  a second opinion. Danyel will work directly with you and your staff to create a check list of qualifications that will convince your patients to look no further than you. We will then work with our graphic designer to create a print-ready file.
  • The IDS-Proven Live Staff Meeting: Are your staff meetings lifeless? Are they tireless gripe sessions? Have they been so bad that you just gave up on having staff meetings? The staff meeting can be the most productive part of your week, but there’s a technology to doing them correctly. Imagine a staff meeting that easily handles problems and changes them to improved production. Imagine celebrating the wins that each of you have then report your statistics and create a plan for the coming week with assignments for each staff member. This is the essence of management. We will show you how you can control without micro- managing and increase each staff members responsibilities for you and in your practice. You’ll view how Lee and Danyel manage their staff meetings and receive coaching on how you can duplicate our results. Then, remotely, we will run your first, fully-rejuvenated, enjoyable, productive staff meeting. You and your staff won’t be able to wait  for the next one.
  • Strategic Internal Marketing Formulas: This section includes two recorded webinars and a binder packed with internal marketing ideas that will have your staff working harder and with more excitement to get new patients into your office. In addition, Danyel will work with you and your office manager by phone to share ideas and get these successfully implemented into your
  • Rapid Results 5-Star Google Reviews Blueprint: How many Google reviews do you have? Google reviews have become the most popular “go to” for Americans to find products and services, including dentistry. Referred patients look at Google reviews to decide on who is the right periodontist to see. Patients want to see and hear what others have to say about you. The more 5-star reviews, the better. We will show you how to dramatically increase the quantity of 5-star Google reviews. Our Review Specialist, Lisa, will show your staff on a live recorded video how she easily and comfortably gets patients to eagerly jump online to give us over 100 Google reviews. And you’ll receive a simplified worksheet to give to your patients making giving you a Google review easy.
  • Two Days at the IDS Education Center in Melbourne, FL: You and up to four staff members will visit our education facility in beautiful Melbourne, Florida, and spend two packed and exciting days. Sheldon, Danyel and our IDS and Solid Bite Team will train you how to get rid of office negativity, improve tone, implement organization, improve communication, get patients calling your practice, answer the new patient phone call, how to wow patients when they arrive and increase your chance to close every case you present. You will have new systems and a plan to implement, monitor, and keep those systems in place. You are guaranteed to go back home with an excited and motivated team who will be begging you to increase their responsibility because it is so stimulating and enjoyable.

BONUS: By purchasing the entire IDS Coaching Package above, you will receive…

  • Designing Your Office Manager: How many times have we heard, “I don’t have a Danyel.” Yes, you do, as we’ve discovered with our clients. You just haven’t recognized her yet. Danyel was a surgical assistant and was motivated and trained to office manager. Chances are you have a Danyel in your office. In this comprehensive program, your office manager will develop checklists and true stats that monitor the pulse of your This will increase her responsibility level for you and for your staff. This includes three recorded seminars and two live training calls.
  • 50 Powerful and Motivational Monday Morning Minutes: IDS members already know how amazing these little (less than 3 minute) bursts of ideas and suggestions You’ll immediately choose your own favorites and quickly share them with your staff to create new office ideas, incentives and strategies that they can play at team huddles and meetings, even on the way to work. This keeps your staff with you on the same page, implementing practice- building strategies in just a few short months.