On the last webinar, our guest Chestin Salisbury, talked about the importance of establishing your position as THE dental care authority in your marketplace.

The opportunity is RIGHT NOW and the technology is available to make it possible.

Plus, it’s actually pretty easy to do!

You simply need to create authority-building content and then distribute this content strategically across the web.

In this video, Chestin offers a recap of the webinar AND provides some direction on how to use the resource you received for being a member of the IDS, a list of 100 authority building topics or questions you could address.

To watch the entire webinar replay, log into the secured page.

To access the list of 100 authority building topics or questions GO HERE.

If you’re interested in speaking with Chestin about how you could implement this type of Authority Based Branding platform in your practice, you can schedule a free strategy session with him HERE.