MAKING YOURSELF INDISPENSABLE IN YOUR COMMUNITY Dr. Lee Sheldon and Danyel Joyner You are unlike any other dentist. You have critical thinking skills, training, experience, and the needs of your patient uppermost in your mind. How unique you are in today’s dental environment. Yet, the specialist may not be seeing all of the patients that he or she should be seeing. What is it that provides you with the magnetic attraction to draw patients to you? How do you become the go-to doctor without getting your referral sources upset? How do you set yourself in a position where patients will choose you first? Our two-day presentation will give you the tools to separate yourself as an expert, to raise your stature, and attract patients to you for care.

  • What Separates You?
    There are key elements to who you are and what you do. But how do patients know that you are different? This strategy will show you how. You will create your own “What Separates Us” document to take home and distribute.
  • How to Make Your Phone Scheduler Your Best Salesperson
    Does your phone scheduler just answer the phone or is she active in building you up so that the patient knows that you are the best doctor for treatment? These no-fail tactics will make your prospective patients your cheerleaders before the patient even walks in the door.
  • Creating Community-Wide Support
    Do you want to be an icon in your community? This tested strategy will get you awards, recognition, and referrals while you help
    your community.
  • The Key Technology that Separates You from the Others
    What items advance your practice and assure a WOW experience? These affordable technology items will put you at the top of the list.
  • Making Google Work for You at Little or No Cost
    Prospective patients “shop you” even if they are referred. How do you make your Google profile stand out?


Dr. Lee Sheldon and Ron Dubois

Session Description: The dental implant clinic is becoming prominent in every community. The patients seeking treatment in such a facility have often lost confidence in dentistry and see dental implants as the only option. Yet the periodontist and prosthodontist can give the patient options that the implant clinic can’t. This talk will show successful strategies to attract the full-arch patient to the specialist for the real choice.


Dr. Walter Tatch 

Synopsis: The opioid crisis and antibiotics overprescription are a national emergency and have been claiming lives for years. US life expectancy fell last year for the second year running for the first time in more than half a century, reportedly driven by the worsening opioid crisis. Superbugs that are resistant to most of the available antibiotics are becoming more prevalent. In this presentation, we will discuss natural alternatives to pain management that can significantly decrease and in some instances eliminate the need for opioids for the management of pain after various dental procedures. The discussion will also include antibiotics rationale in a dental practice as well as current trends. A review of VEGA Oral Care products by StellaLife and its wide application in dentistry will be included

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review of rationale and mechanisms of antimicrobial and pain management in dental practice.
  2. Learn about alternatives to reducing and possibly eliminating opioids from your practice.
  3. Learn about natural alternatives that will transform your practice and allow your patients to recover faster after various procedures.


Todd Goldman

Session Description: Sales are easily won and lost based on the conversations you and your sellers have with your patients. The common thought process is that sellers make mistakes along the way – but that is too easy to diagnose. More often mistakes are made before the sales process really starts. How much do you know about your patients? How much time do you actually spend getting to understand what your patient really wants? And are you leaving the most crucial aspect, THE CLOSE, to people who have never even been trained to sell…or who may not even like to sell. Patients aren’t like they were 20, 30 or even 10 years ago. They are wiser and more educated. The days of blind treatment acceptance from an expert in a white lab coat are long gone. So even after putting in place a great marketing campaign, a gorgeous and informative website, do you still find that you may not be converting as many treatment plans as you hoped?”

Learning Objectives: Todd Goldman will offer you steps, strategies and tactics that are the foundation of successful selling, and the key selling skills your dental team needs to get more patient compliance and treatment acceptance.

“Dr. Sheldon and Danyel ar – Somervillee the ultimate gurus of dental/periodontal mark, New Jerseyeting.” DR. PETER CORNICK


Ian McNickle

Course Description: In this seminar we will explore the most important aspects of online marketing for dentists including website optimization, social media, online reviews / reputation management, SEO for Google rankings, PPC for new patient leads, and videos. Case studies will be used throughout the program to illustrate best practices. We will review how to track and measure results as well as how to determine Return on Investment.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn best practices for optimizing your website to convert new patient leads and rank highly on Google search rankings.
  2. Discuss best practices for generating positive patient reviews on the major review sites (Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Healthgrades) and dealing with negative reviews.
  3. Review the major social media platforms with a particular focus on best practices for how to leverage Facebook.


Keith & Deborah Gilleard

Session Description: Join marketing experts Deborah and Keith Gilleard for an informative session focused to help you learn how to marketing your practice and drive in new specialty cases.  From Internet Marketing to Patient Acceptance, Gilleard Dental Marketing has developed researched and proven techniques to enhance your marketing and help increase your number of new patients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Effective Practice Marketing for Dental Specialists
  2. Demystifying and Simplifying Internet Marketing for Dental Specialists
  3. The Key Ingredients that Create Successful Marketing for Dental Specialists


Beth Bogan

Session Description: We will discuss customizing your chat service just as you customize your dental treatment plans. You’ll see why Chat can improve your business, boost sales, increase patient convenience, and give you a competitive edge.

Learning Objectives:

  • Purpose of a Live Chat
  • How to select a chat company
  • What you should expect from a chat company