Gary Vaynerchuck is one of the foremost thought leaders when it comes to marketing in today’s digital marketplace.  10 years ago he took his parents NJ wine store from $3MM in annual sales to over $63MM in just a few short years and he did it using the Internet.

His predictions have been right at every turn and given his track record, the chances are pretty high he’ll continue to be ‘right’.

In this short clip from a keynote address he recently gave in Poland, he talks about one of the biggest dangers in marketing.  While he’s not addressing dental specialists directly, everything he says is 100% applicable and something you should consider as you work to become the Director of Dentistry.

If you’re not sure how to apply this to your practice, Contact Us and let’s talk about how the IDS can help you take control of your future growth, reduce your dependence on referrals, and truly become the Director of Dentistry.