We are very much into digital technology, but sometimes we just don’t make it big enough. We just don’t allow the patient to see it. I know we can use monitors and the patient can look on the monitors and see their problems, whether it is photographs or x-rays or CT scans.

Just go to a regular store and spend $300, $400, or $500 for a big screen video monitor, something you can put on the wall. The bigger it is the better it is, and the patient gets a better idea as to what he/she is seeing. When you magnify the smile, when you magnify the tooth, the patient really sees it and really connects.  For a minor investment it makes a tremendous difference to have that big screen on the wall and let the patient see exactly what he/she looks like. You don’t have to go fancy. We did ours at one of our local discount stores. It doesn’t cost much, and it makes a big difference.
– Dr. Lee Sheldon