Your appointment book is your biggest ally or it can be your biggest source of failure. Failure to schedule appointments correctly can mean a great loss of income to you. We do block scheduling in our office so that we know that each week how much production we can schedule and where we can schedule that. So for us it’s surgeries in the morning, new patient examinations in the afternoon. You may treat it differently, but with block scheduling we are therefore able to create the architecture for that appointment book in advance. Are there times when we won’t fit in enough surgery in order to be able to do that? Yes, and we have to figure out how far in advance we need to look at that appointment book so that if we don’t have surgeries scheduled we can put new patients into those slots, but if we do block scheduling first we can be in much better control of our production, of our income, of our staff distribution, all those things. So look at block scheduling, pre-appoint your appointment book. It should make a difference to you.

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