Public Relations and Marketing Tools for You and Your Referral Sources

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Are you looking for a way of helping your referral sources see more new patients?  Here’s a story about a young periodontist, a member of the AAIP.
He has been in corporate practice for only a few years and has saved up enough to open his own solo periodontal practice. He’s motivated and excited.
He saw the essays that we’ve written about today’s periodontal environment, and after a good discussion of his goals and purposes, he decided to join the AAIP as well as the training module package.  Danyel and I designed a special program tailored just for him, to help him open his practice. We helped him select staff as well as train them. He worked hard on practice design as well as introducing himself to potential referral sources.  He wants to go directly to the public, but also understands that he can serve the general dental community as well.
We talked about events that he could hold for the public as well as how to engage the potential referral source. In fact, we set up an on line meeting to help the potential referral source understand the value of full-mouth dentistry. The referral source, who has primarily an insurance practice, wanted to know how he could see the full reconstructive patient, something that he doesn’t see in his insurance practice.  He told the periodontist that he wants to see those kinds of patients. He was excited.
So what can the periodontist do? What can you do?  You can have a very productive lunch with your prime referral sources and show them the Public Relations and Marketing series from the AAIP on your laptop. Each month, we will be showing a new public relations and marketing strategy. The first webinar will go over theory. The second webinar of the month will show implementation. These webinars are generally 30 minutes long.  But you don’t even have to be on the webinar live. You will get each seminar, professionally-produced on DVD.
Call your referral source. Tell that referral source that you have a new marketing strategy for him or her. Then ask if he or she would like to get together with you. Talk about establishing relationships!  And soon, you’ll have referral sources asking you to lunch.
Join the AAIP now. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow not only your practice, but your best referrers’ practices as well.

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