How do you get the “Big Case” into your office?

Have you capitulated to the corporate dental implant groups, to the oral surgeons, to the others who seem to have control over the full-arch dental implant case? You don’t have to.

The patients who seek the full-arch solution are often people who have given up on dentistry. They see dental implants as the only answer. But the periodontist has the tools to give that answer as well as the answer of saving teeth. Your practice can do the full-arch case too, either dentally-supported or implant-supported. You only need to tell patients that there is more than one answer, and that diagnosis needs to precede treatment. The result–you’ll see the full-arch cases too.

Our two-day conferences in Chicago and New Jersey will address the full-arch case head on. And our team of Dr. Michel Furtado and Dr. Matt Sheldon will show you how it’s done from diagnosis to treatment planning. You’ll also see an innovative marketing approach by BioHorizons that literally assures that potential “Real Choice” patients will contact you.

Please join us for the IDS Grow Your Periodontal Practice in Chicago on June 8 and 9 and Saddle Brook, New Jersey on June 22 and 23.

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