So what can you do to differentiate your practice? We talk about that a lot. One is to make sure that you are up on the technology and one of the simplest technologies that we put in is blood enhancement products.  We have been using PRP and then PRGF and now L-PRF and we have been doing this for over 15 years.  It makes healing that much easier for the patient.  I can tell you a story. I did surgery on my associate and we were taking some palatal grafts and doing subepithelial grafts and on one side I put in the blood enhancement product and on the other side I didn’t. I forgot.  You could tell the difference. So if we are trying to differentiate ourselves we have to be doing the things that we can do to make patients that much more comfortable.  The product that we are using is L-PRF. That comes from the Intra-Lock company. It is very simple to use and within a very short period of time, 18 minutes, you can have a processed blood product that is ready to go including good, tough, membranes.  So consider using blood enhancement products in your practice. It differentiates you and will make your patient’s experience that much better.

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