-Assuming Risk-

I’m reading a book by Jay Abraham and he talks about risk reversal, how when we buy something we want a guarantee that something will work. As a matter of fact we are more likely to buy something if in fact the person we are buying it from is taking most of the risk. So how does that work in dentistry? Well, you could give a money back guarantee. Often we can’t afford to do that, but we do do something else as a matter of course. For example, if something goes wrong, do you guarantee your work? Do you guarantee that in fact the patient will be satisfied or you will continue to do it until the patient is satisfied? Sure you do. We all do. If we don’t do that then we have a lot of unhappy patients walking around. So why don’t we let patients know in fact that we assume most of the risk and use that as a promotional item? You can use it during your financial arrangements session as a further assurance to your patient. So get together with your staff or just think about it yourself. How do you guarantee your work? What do you do in order to assume risk for that patient? And then let that patient know that at the time of the examination, on your website, at the time of financial arrangements. I bet you’ll get more acceptance as a result.
– Dr. Lee Sheldon