We talk about full and sequential treatment planning. There is one thing that we as periodontists don’t realize. At least I didn’t. Maybe you do. Maybe you are better than I am.  A buildup is required for nearly every crown restoration. The buildup is a necessary adjunct to the crown restoration and is used most times when there is existing filling material or when a tooth is cracked.  So when we are quoting fees in particularly, keep that in mind. Talk with your restorative dentist. Ask when a buildup might be required. It never hurts to put in a buildup in your financial estimate. Then the restorative dentist is a hero if he/she says no, we didn’t have to do a buildup there and therefore you don’t have to pay that fee. So let’s be aware that in fact buildups need to be done and that will help your restorative dentist and frankly it’ll will increase the accuracy of the cost of the treatment plan.

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