As periodontists, I believe that our charge is to preserve the ethics of the profession. Those who have been in perio for a long time know that in fact our goal is predictability. Our goal is stability for the patient.  It is we who have been trained in diagnosis and treatment planning more thoroughly than in any other specialty. Remember that our goal always is predictability and stability for the patient.  So when we are looking at ethics essentially that means we are looking at the patient first. I know that perhaps you have heard from other people that in fact we are supposed to cater to the general dentist first and to the patient second. If you have heard that, let me just ask you this question.  Would you want to be that patient?  No.  Essentially we are suffering from an ethical crisis now in dentistry and it is up to perio and it is up to each of us as individual periodontists to make sure that we are doing the best for our patients. Our patients first. We do that, everything else is going to come out okay.

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