You know I don’t recommend apps very often. In fact I may never have recommended an app to you, but I am going to today.  It’s called Mile IQ. You may have seen it advertised on TV. Mile IQ is the best way I have seen of tracking your mileage, particularly business mileage. It can make a big difference to us at tax season. Mile IQ is as automatic a feature as I have ever seen. It works directly on your smartphone. It tracks when you have left and when you have arrived and it asks you later on to sweep it to the left if it was personal mileage or sweep it to the right if it’s business mileage. There are simple ways of categorizing that business and personal mileage as well. I have used other apps for this before and this is by far the best. Mile IQ. Your accountant will like it as well because the documentation is so good.

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