Let’s talk about websites. Originally websites were designed for desktop computers and now it has developed into mobile. Well, it hasn’t just developed into mobile.  Greater than 50% of searches are done via smartphone and so if you have not adapted your website for mobile use, then you are suffering a disadvantage. Yes, you can search any website using a smartphone, but if it’s not designed for mobile, it is not easy to navigate. The area is small,  you have to enlarge different parts of the box, and it’s just not convenient.

You need to have a mobile site or have your web developer use a software that allows your desktop site to be configured so that it can be better access for mobile use. If you have not developed a mobile website or if your developer isn’t using the software to change your desktop website to a mobile-friendly website, do it now.  If 50% of the people in the United States are looking for you via smartphone, you want to make sure they find you. By the way, make sure that the offer is there.

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