Let’s talk about websites. Originally websites were designed for desktop computers, PCs, and now for smartphones and tablets. According to some statistics, greater than 50% of internet searches are done via smartphone. If you have not adapted your website for mobile use, then you are suffering a disadvantage. Yes, you can search any website using a smartphone, but such a search is unwieldy and non-productive. You have to enlarge different parts of the screen, and it’s just not convenient.  You need to have a mobile site or you need to have your computer developer use a software that allows your desktop site to be configured so that it can be better accessed for mobile use so your patients can see it.  If you have not developed a mobile website or if your developer isn’t using the software to change your desktop website to a mobile website or a mobile-friendly website, do it now.  If 50% of people in the United States are looking for you, you want to make sure they find you. And by the way, make sure that offer is there.