What are we selling? Yes, we are all good periodontists of course. But there is something about the “experience.” That is what the IDS has been doing for the past couple of years–to show you how to create a good experience for your patients. We do it our way, and your way may be different from ours.

So here’s the question:  How many different things do you plan in advance of and during the new patient visit? I’m talking about concrete things. Whether we are talking about an Oral DNA test, whether it’s the use of the Perioscope, whether it’s the use of the Anatomage software, whether it’s showing the patient how implants are placed in the jaw using the Anatomage software.  How many different experiences are you creating?

Just think when you go to a play or even when you watch a TV show, there are multiple experiences that occur. Next time you watch TV I want you to look at how much time the camera spends on one scene before it goes to the next. It’s three seconds. Sometimes five, but usually three seconds. Notice there is continual movement in order to be able to create a new experience, a new view each time. So let’s weave our particular tapestry, not just a plain piece of cloth, but a tapestry showing patients different experiences in that new patient visit. It will make a big difference to you in your treatment planning and in your acceptance rate.

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