So what is our orientation? Our orientation is as dentists, not as periodontists. I know we do perio, but I want to read something. It’s something that some of you have heard and some of our newer member may not have. Remember that 50% of the adult population has periodontal disease in some way. So that means that 50% of the patients that are calling in need perio and that’s at a minimum. It is probably more than that. Who are we gearing ourselves for? We are gearing ourselves towards the patient who needs significant dentistry, who has complex needs which require good, predictable solutions, and that is what we do as periodontists. We treatment plan. Well as part of the treatment plan there is going to be some perio. There are going to be some dental implants. The reason I’m saying this is that we are so much concerned about the procedures that we do that sometimes we lose the forest for the trees. Patients want to be able to smile and they want to be able to chew and to that end they need the services that we provide. So make sure that both in our marketing, the way we answer our phone, the way we are directing our thoughts to our patients it is a re-orientation. We are helping patients smile and chew because that’s what they want and on the way to that there will be plenty of periodontal procedures for you to do.

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