I am going to tell you something that you are going to find to be boring. It is statistics. Statistics are so important. I can’t tell you how important it is. There are many of us who are waiting to review our statistics maybe once a year when we meet with our accountants. How can we make any decisions in our practices based on once a year review of data? Sometimes all we do is listen to it, nod our heads, and say okay, yeah. There are critical statistics in your office that you can and should measure every single week, particularly if you are trying to track how a staff member is doing, how to track marketing, tracking new patients, understanding the success or the failure of some of your strategies. So what are the basic statistics? We will talk about these because I am going to do a few of these. The basic statistics in our office are production, income, and new patients scheduled. Those are the three statistics that I want to know every single week. There are actually a lot more, but let’s just start with those three. Once you have those statistics you know whether things are going up or things are going down. You can review that on a weekly basis. So let’s get used to those three and then we may expand from there. Income, production, new patients.

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