Differentiate Yourself

I want to first thank the many periodontists who attended the webinar with Dr. George Felt last week. George meticulously prepared a program that allowed for thinking through a case, looking at saving teeth vs. doing dental implants. It was not a judgmental approach. It was a philosophical approach that encompassed both options as well as a unique combined approach that worked biologically as well as financially for the patient.
So excited was the group of attendees to this treatment planning webinar that we have decided to continue this educational process. I have issued invitations to very well-respected periodontists and restorative dentists, and I am happy to announce that they have expressed their willingness to participate as an expert panel to consider a single patient and discuss the different treatment approaches that they might take to solve the patient’s problem. We will discuss, in webinar fashion, our treatment plans and how we derived those treatment plans. Our intention is to do this quarterly and publicize it well enough in advance that you may make the time to attend the webinar. Through the webinar service, you’ll have the opportunity to question the panelists and learn from these experts.
There is a philosophical approach that I have taken with regard to what I feel is the periodontist’s role in today’s environment. The two minute excerpt below was a part of our dental implant seminar program this month. It is not only a business philosophy as you’ll see in this two-minute video. The periodontist gives the patient the option of saving teeth if possible or doing full-arch dental implants if it is impossible to save the teeth. But it is the thinking skills, the diagnostic skills, that is the true strength of our training and of our profession.
See how much you agree (or disagree) with the video.  https://youtu.be/mtg179RrmpU

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