Video has become an essential for marketing. I know we talk a lot about the written word, but in fact the written word now needs to be accompanied by a video. Just take a look at what we have done in our IDS programs. We have professional video, and I’m sure that that professional videos adds to the effectiveness of the webinar.. Professional video is a process that you should consider. Videographers can help you share a story, show your practice in the best light, creates the opportunity for great testimonials. There are videographers in every community who can help you with this.
Create a subject that you want to talk about and start recording. The first video may be only five minutes. You may fumble with it a little bit, but it will start to get you used to producing good and competent video which you can use in many different avenues; your YouTube channel, Facebook, and other social media. Take a look at Facebook right now. Make an appointment to talk with a videographer. For a moderate expense, you can get into the video age with fresh, topical material that will attract more patient to your office.

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