Communication Center
Dr. Lee Sheldon

In the Hubband Management System a lot is talked about written communication. Written communication is really important. If the communication is written, then there are no confusions. Well, if we write that communication, then there has to be someplace where the person can receive the communication and that is done with a communications center. We went to Staples and we bought a lot of vertical files, vertical files that are about 3 inches in diameter and we can put papers in there. It’s essentially the local post office for your office. If there is something you want to communicate, you write it down, and you put it in the staff member’s slot. What’s interesting about that is the staff member can receive it when he/she is ready to receive it and you can receive the communication when you are ready to receive the communication. You can also give it at the time that you are ready to give it, so there aren’t any interruptions. There also aren’t times then when you disturb somebody who is in the middle of doing something else. So try written communication and get a communication center going. It’s very simple to do, very inexpensive to do, and see how much it improves the accuracy and the efficiency in your office.