Skyler Kalldost

I thought that the marketing content was very useful and especially relevant to our practice. Thanks for being so thorough and sharing your secrets. – Skyler Kalldost

Dr. Doug Heller

We were fortunate to have Lee and Danyel come speak to us and share their knowledge. It was a wonderful learning experience and will dramatically improve how we are able to help our patients. Your willingness to share and collaborate was invaluable. Thank you so much...

Pelley Brown

Your sharing of information was invaluable for our practice. We plan to implement many of your recommendations in an effort to achieve their dental and health care goals. This was an outstanding day. – Pelley Brown

Steven R. Sierakowski, DMD, MDSc

Joining the IDS has been one the most positive and rewarding experiences in my 10-year career as a periodontist.  Within a few months of membership, I have already seen a significant spike in new patients, case acceptance and production.  Most importantly, however, is...