Lee Sheldon is one of a handful of visionaries able to react positively to changing times. I met Lee as a  co-resident many years ago at U. Conn.  I have admired his vision, honesty and passion for Periodontics and Dentistry ever since.

Lee’s vision for the future, that the   delivery of treatment for moderate to advanced periodontitis, as well as comprehensive treatment planning for patients demonstrating advanced oral disease belongs in the hands of the periodontist  is absolutely correct.  There is no other group in dentistry more adequately trained and skilled to deal with these entities than the periodontist.    

Our office became charter members of the IDS at its inception,  and I am absolutely pleased we did.

We have already incorporated a number of suggestions relative to practice management that Lee has taught us.

I urge you to be open minded about changes that are occurring in our specialty relative to the referral process.  It seems that the IDS will become a valuable tool in delivering our message about the items listed above, directly to the public. Accept and embrace this change, and consider joining the IDS.  I trust that no-one will ever regret that decision.


Colin Richman DMD

Diplomate:  American Board of Periodontology

Atlanta, Georgia, 30327 

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