…why not do it Lee’s way?  That is an approach that more low-key, highly customizable and probably at least as effective, in part because it lets you cultivate the GPs whom you most respect into über-referrers — in part because you are referring “your” patients to them.  And — for the most part — you would not be taking patients from GPs, you are recruiting patients who are often looking for help on their own.   

Disclaimer: I am wide open to changing the perspectives I’ve written about here and elsewhere for many years.  But please know that I’ve been to lots of rodeos over many years — and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Lee is running with the best solution that there is.  But to do it, most perios have to be willing to make fundamental changes — and that’s hard for anyone, even me! 🙂 

The really nice thing is that NOW one need not do it alone and without real knowledge of what are the most effective and efficient ways to do what needs to be done to make your practice more profitable and a LOT more fun, IOW, folks looking now are lucky because there is help now available — something that’s seldom (never?) been the case in the past.

Bottom line is that it seems smarter to me for individual perios to follow Sheldon’s path.

Dr. Michael Rethman

Past President, American Academy of Periodontology
Prescott, AZ  

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