The doctor and I joined the AAIP less than a year ago, and I have already implemented

new systems that are helping to get us going on the right path at full speed. We had

Danyel come out to work with both the doctor and myself on what an office manager’s

role should be and how to introduce and implement additional systems. I now have the

tools to properly train new team members as our practice grows, what to look for in a

new staff member, how to control and enhance the flow of communication, and

incentives to help keep a team motivated.

Working with Danyel and Dr. Sheldon has really opened my eyes to what our practice

can and will be, as well as what the true role of an office manager should be; and this is

only the beginning. I am so excited to see and learn more about how to be a great office

manager. I am truly impressed and grateful for the knowledge and guidance the AAIP

has brought our practice.