Hi Lee,


It’s about time I stepped up to the plate and let you know, first-hand, how terrific I think these webinars

have been.  Great info & insights, very motivating for staff hearing protocols from Danyel.  The notion of the Primary Care Periodontist is one that needs serious consideration for the remainder of my career and for my son who is now in his 3rd year of dental school @ Columbia.  

After two years using a well known coaching organization, your program has actually been the driving force to inspire us to “just do it” and start making it happen.  We left that organization with tools but hadn’t yet implemented everything we needed to.


Then, perfectly on cue, like angels alighting to our cause, came the initiation of the IDS with the passion and insights of you and Danyel.  We no longer had to rely just on our initiatives; we had mentors at our side several times per month.  We catch the programs “live” when we can or else we replay the DVDs at staff meetings.  I can detect from your content and dialogue that some of what you preach is distilled from other coaches, but that is fine and, in fact, all great coaches give kudos to their predecessors.  


Dollar for dollar, the info you disseminate is truly a bargain. I am glad that you are able to do this all so cost-effectively, keeping it web-based and consistent. I would imagine that the financial rewards for you do not even come close to the value that you provide for your audience.  Thank you for doing so.


Please keep the fire and the passion going…


Best wishes & thanks again,



Marvin A. Price, D.D.S.
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

Massapequa Park, NY  

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